Request Military Records

It can be confusing to understand the specific location of military records. Therefore, It is advised to complete these forms with the assistance of a Veterans Services Representative in order to ensure that requests are being made to the proper entity. If you believe that your records are lost, know that there are ways to reconstruct those records. Our Veterans Services Representative can assist with this process as well.

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National Archives

After a service member separates from service the Department of Defense sends the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and Service Treatment Records (STR) to the National Personnel Records Center, a division of the National Archives. Please work with a Veterans Services Representative to fill out the request forms.
National Personnel Records Center

Air force soldiers

Military Departments

Certain records may be requested directly from military departments. Most service member specific documentation is not located at the Military Branch after separation. The main documents that need to be requested from military branches are related to unit operations. Some departments are able to reconstruct certain documents.

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US Department of Veterans Affairs

Once a veteran submits a Service-Connected Disability Claim the VA acquires the Military Records from the National Archives. Our Veterans Services Representative may be able to access these records once the representative is assigned to the claim.


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